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Have You Tried the Hot Pocket Hot Pocket?

… It’s a hot pocket inside of a hot pocket.  Hot Pocket.  😉


Yep, Jim Gaffigan is my fave.  And lucky for Dana and I, we scored some pretty sweet tickets to see him live when he came to Toledo just over a week ago!  It was a GREAT show… and as a bonus, he ended the set with a partially updated version of this:

Meanwhile, I kept a couple pieces of memorabilia like the ticket stub and parking slip and created this 12×12 scrapbook layout.  Honestly, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing!  I’ve never been a “scrapbooker” exactly.  But I figured if I just do what feels right to me, then who cares about whether I’m breaking any scrapbooking rules or not.  😉

I actually have more to add to this page, but I’m not entirely sure if I want to write the words by hand or print out some typewriter style journaling on white paper to place somewhere on the page.

There is the vegetarian hot pocket for those of us that don’t want to eat meat but still would like diarrhea.

For the title, I actually just used the font “Blackout” with my Silhouette Portrait and cut it on plain white cardstock.  It cut a teeny tiny border around the letters that I wanted to use as well, and despite how incredibly delicate and thin they are, I managed to get them on some vellum without any of them tearing.  Granted, it’s a little sloppy because the only way I knew how to adhere them down was with some Mod Podge brushed on top.  But hey, whatever works, right?

… and of course, there’s the ticket.  🙂


I popped a homemade tag into a glassine envelope that I adhered to the page first so it would slip behind all the papers and embellishments I layered overtop, so I’ll be writing a little journaling on the back of that, too.

Other than those couple things I mentioned, I’d say it’s done!  Again, not a “scrapbooker” but I’m sure as heck having fun trying!  😉  Thanks for peeking!


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