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Baking With My Babe

Welp, we redeemed the ridiculous blueberry picking outing which you may have read about here by baking a delicious pie. Ask me how much of it is left… 😉

I’m still taking the “Slow Your Roll: Film Secrets for the Digital Shooter” course from Click Photo School, and it has been SO helpful for me! Not only am I stoked to finally get back to shooting actual film along with my digital work, but in just a couple weeks I’ve already literally slowed my roll. I knew I wanted to take some photos of Nadia and I baking together, but just like on film, I limited myself to 36 shots. I believe I went past it slightly (like maybe 42) because I knew I missed focus, but overall- not too shabby for someone whose shutter could normally be mistaken for the sound of a machine gun. I got the whole story in less shots, which is what this course was all about. If you can slow me down, I call that quite a successful class. 🙂

Yes, Lambie has her own cutting board. 😉 And yes, Nadia is slapping me on my butt. She playfully leaves a handprint in flour every time she bakes… I knew to expect it so I had my camera ready. I’m so glad I have that image!

Time to put it in the oven and do a little cleaning up!

Man, I love a good pie fresh from the oven! Enough that I actually put my camera down so I could dig in. 😉 I hope when Nadia grows up, she’ll look back on these memories and smile just as much as when we were making them. I can’t wait to do the same with Natasha, too!

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