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Bedroom Makeover for Miss N

This may or may not interest anyone, but I’m posting it anyways because… well, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.  LOL!  😉

There’s something about re-doing a room in my home that makes me super happy and excited.  I have a love-hate relationship with change.  Sometimes it’s the worst thing ever… (It used to take me a long time to adjust to moving to a new apartment simply because it was “different.”  Moving to a new city was worse.  Surprisingly I felt right at home the minute we moved into our current house.  I’d be ok to die here.  haha!)  But when it comes to decorating, I LOVE changing it up.  This time, Nadia’s bedroom got the makeover.

The only photo I have of the “before” look is this one:


It doesn’t exactly show much, but as you can see, there wasn’t much to be shown!  It was simple.  A big bed (that prior to us getting our Tempur-pedic mattress last month was more comfortable than mine!  Spoiled child!  haha!), a dollhouse, a dresser… toys.  You know.  The basics.

Living in an A-frame house gives us a bit of a challenge when it comes to wall decor, though. The walls are short and the ceilings are high.  So hanging wall art on the short walls doesn’t exactly work out so well, and in Nadia’s upstairs bedroom, the wall struggle is the hardest since she’s the closest to the very pointy roof.  😉  My solution was vinyl wall decals to add a little extra something to the walls without making the small space feel too disorienting.  (Cause painting just the walls makes you feel like you’re walking into a room in Alice in Wonderland… they’re so short that it looks awkward if they don’t blend into the ceiling as much as possible.)

Nadia was super excited when I surprised her with new bedding a couple days after her birthday- I told her one of her gifts was that I was going to redo her room and make it more fun. Seriously, this child of ours…  she’s more than we could ever hope for in a 5 year old cause she was thrilled about it.  hahaha!  Girl doesn’t need toys all of the time.  She likes these kinds of gifts, too.  Just like her parents.  😉

I figured if she’s got a triangle shaped house and room, I might as well stick with that theme, right?  😉

I also made these wall prints that are very very very inspired by Land of Nod pillows I saw in the catalog.  I just hand-drew them and added my little twist, then scanned and colored them in Photoshop as well as added texture, etc.

I think they’re so super cute, and I have ideas for some more to create!

I also threw some of my messy abstract canvases that I painted onto her bookshelf to add a little more color.  It also ties her room to the rest of the house since I have a couple more of these in larger sizes in our main living spaces.  🙂

Eventually we’ll get that big brown wall repainted for her… you know, when we stop being lazy about it.  😉  We should probably do it at the same time that we paint over our own canary yellow bedroom walls…. canary yellow.  Yellow.  Just in case you didn’t catch that the first two times.

Slowly but surely we’re making this house our own.  Maybe this summer we’ll get around to repainting the bedrooms… Sounds like a fun way to celebrate two years at The Triangle.  Yeah, we still call it that.



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