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Dusting off My Camera

How many of you know that there’s great freedom in admitting when you’ve been wrong and need to start over?  I’m sure plenty do.  And I’m here to say that I’ve done something wrong.

I’ve neglected my gift of photography.

Actually, I’ve not just neglected it.  I’ve wasted it.  As someone that believes with all my heart that my creativity isn’t just something I’ve picked up along the way but rather something that was intentionally designed within me when God said, “Let there be Marybeth!” (or at least I imagine I was given a grand declaration in the same way that light was introduced- *wink*), I’m sad to think of the countless opportunities I missed that would have allowed me to share that skill with another person.


It hit me when I was reading the latest edition of my favorite Click magazine that I hadn’t logged on to the Clickin Moms forum on the Click & Co. website in quite some time…. and considering I once logged onto the forum on a daily basis as well as made it a point to periodically sign up for classes to improve my skill set, I found it unusual and kind of disappointing that I neglected that community of beautiful and talented photographer friends for so long.  And as I looked through the photographs that were selected as the top photos of the year, I recognized some names of people I had once taken some classes with when we were first learning together.

“Dang, she got goooood!” I thought… And my next thought was, “…. because she didn’t give up.”  Here’s the truth:  When it got hard, I gave up.  What a shame.

The good news is that photography never gave up on me.  😉  It’s still in my bones.  It’s still in my blood.  In fact, I could swear it’s just simply engrained in my soul.  Photos speak to me in a way that other art forms cannot.  Sure, I’m a paper crafter, and we all know I squeal like a 6 year old at an amusement park when a new paper collection comes out that I love.  And to me, paper crafting IS an art form that I cherish immensely.  But photography will always be my first love.  In fact, I wouldn’t be so passionate about memory-keeping on paper if it wasn’t for the photos.


So although my “Little Miss Lovely Photography” business has been put to rest for a year or more… (Two years maybe??  I can’t remember!)… I’m here to try again.

To learn as much as I can learn.
To love it as much as I used to love it.
To keep growing and sharing and feeling all I used to feel before I traded in my heavy Canon for my cheap  point and shoot just for the convenience of it all.

I’ve dusted off the old Mark ii, so that means I’m back & ready to roll.

mh-new signatureP.S.  You might notice on the homepage of this website that things are looking a tiny bit different… but never fear.  I’m simply adding my photography posts into the mix.  I’ll still be sharing my paper crafting adventures with y’all.  That’s going nowhere!  😉

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