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Flip Flop Fun | Photography | Summer 2018 Travelers Notebook

I’ve been pulling out my “big girl” camera (as I call it) more and more these days.  Truthfully, I have no idea when I stopped using it and instead decided to just whip out my phone when I’d see a quick photo op.  I think that’s crazy pants!  I’m a photographer and using my full-frame camera with my heavy lenses is just what I do.  And I like it.  That being said, I anticipate quite a few posts like this one in the near future.  I quite enjoy a good old fashioned hybrid {photography + crafty} post.  It lets me tell the story behind my pages while also showing you a better look at the photos I took to do so.

So here goes!


For the past week or two, every time I go to the door to step outside I find that my flip flops are missing.  And since I have mama-brain especially bad right now, I always start searching for them at other doors.  Or in my room.  Or the bathroom.  😉  But each and every time, they’re always flopping around on Nadia’s little feet.

Honest to goodness, you’d think the girl doesn’t have her own shoes with the way she’s always stealing mine, but she has a great pair of comfortable sandals that (up until recently) she loved to wear!  I guess I just make flip flops look so cool….  (not.)

Anyways, she told me the other day that she wished she had a pair like her old ones.  I wasn’t sure which shoes she was even talking about until she pulled out my very first Project Life album that I used back in 2013 and opened a page showing her little 2 year old feet wearing an adorable pair of red polka dot sandals.  Man, that girl has a great memory!  That being said, I wanted to give her the joy of picking out a new pair of flip flops, and that’s exactly what we did today.  🙂


Sometimes it’s the little things, right?


I knew I wanted to document this in my traveler’s notebook, so I printed off a few of the pictures I took today and got to playing!  I’m really loving the simplicity of working in this little book with minimal supplies.  It’s exactly what I need for this busy summer season!

I found a patterned paper that had similar colors to the ones Nadia was wearing, so I ran a couple sheets through my sewing machine to make a little pocket that I can add some hidden journaling behind and/or a decorative tag or two.

I finished off this spread with some handwritten journaling (which I feel like I rarely do since I tend to love using my typewriter so much!), and I created a border around it using my date stamp.

That’s all I’ve got.  Short and sweet.  Can’t wait to see what new adventures these flip flops will have on her little feet!  😉

XO, Marybeth

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  • Reply Christine Farrell (Dutrow)

    I love this! And her little memory! 🙂 That’s adorable and high five on the new floppers, Miss Nadia! Love seeing your craftiness & glad you’re finding happiness in doing so. Here’s hoping you’ll no longer lose your flops. 😉
    xo, Christine

    June 29, 2018 at 5:22 pm
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