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Fun With the Easy Bake Oven

My dream came true yesterday… I got an easy bake oven.

Ok, it’s Nadia’s.  But still!  I always wanted one when I was a little girl!  😉

Nadia’s “mimi” (as she calls my mother-in-law ) sent this to her for her birthday this year.  It was quite a hit from the start…. Heck, the box had sweets on it- automatic win in Nadia’s eyes.  😉  When I explained to her what it was, she immediately wanted to bake a cake… so that’s what we did!

… and because it seemed appropriate, we decided to have an impromptu 2nd birthday celebration for Nadia since the first round was a flop!  All illness has left our house, so this time around was much more fun!!

It was such a fun day!



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