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My Big Kindergartener

Yep.  It finally happened.  Little Miss Nadia is currently at her first day of Kindergarten.  Honest to goodness, I’m doing better than I thought I would.  At least for now.  😉  Had you talked to me last week, though, you would have heard me say the opposite.  I was really, reeeeaaallly dreading this day.  But as it turns out, I’m good.  She’s good.  We’re all good.

It definitely helped us all calm our nerves when we met her teacher yesterday.  Talk about yet another match made in heaven.  Nadia had an amazing preschool teacher for 3 years, and we weren’t sure what to expect for this year.  As we all sat in the IEP meeting last year, everyone agreed that we were a little nervous about her transition to Kindergarten.  Not because of the academic part but because of all the changes- change in teacher, aides, longer school day, etc.  But yesterday Dana and I sat on the sidelines as we watched Nadia rocking her assessment like it was no big deal.  Heck, she was answering questions that my husband and I didn’t even realize she knew the answers to.  She really does surprise us quite often.  She was laughing, having fun with her new teacher, and she even came home and said she loves her.  She’ll be spending part of the day in the special education classroom for subjects like math and reading, but honestly, no matter what room she’s in, she has two teachers that seem to already adore her.  And I know from experience that Nadia- our little social butterfly (despite having what some would call a “social disorder”) is ah-ma-zing and will likely transition just fine!

I think I’ll always feel a little melancholy every time there’s a big transition, but I’ve learned to enjoy each season as it comes.  When Nadia was diagnosed with autism a few years ago, I had to toss my former expectations of what motherhood would look like out the window and embrace each day as it came.  It doesn’t always come naturally, but over time, with practice and intentionality, I’ve learned to LOVE every age and stage.  I miss the baby years only for the cradling of a tiny person, but now I have a sweet big girl who still enjoys being snuggled up in bed with me on cold mornings but at the same time can tell me funny jokes while we do it!  Sometimes I swear it’s even better.  I mean, depending on whether or not the joke is making fun of me or daddy.  😉

So yes, today I have a big Kindergartener, but she’s still a child that’s growing into a wonderful little woman that I couldn’t possibly be more proud of!!  This is just another rite of passage for a parent, and today Dana and I are passing through it together.  And we’re both so thankful that we get to experience this moment as we raise our darling girl.

You’re intelligent and have a very bright future ahead!  You have an incredible amount of strengths that are going to take you so far- don’t be afraid to let them shine.  And remember that we are always always on your side.  Go get ’em, babe.  We’re so proud of you kiddo.  You’re our favorite.
Love, Mama & Dada (and Lambie… always Lambie)

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  • Reply Janet romo

    Okay another I’m so happy I read this !! My son is 4 he is in an early childhood program he has a learning delay. This is his first year there and next yr he will be kindergarden but his teachers are telling me he is on a low level academically I might have to hold him back a year he also takes speech and OT therapy I’m so scared for him so anyhow it’s just nice to see that you a person that I just love from YouTube might understand how i feel I guess many hugs janet FYI I changed my YouTube name again lol it’s Girl in a Sweater crafts. Finally found the name that suits me lol hugs janet

    November 10, 2017 at 3:08 am
    • Reply admin

      Hey Janet!! Sorry for the delayed reply- I didn’t see this comment till now! I totally can relate to how you feel- Nadia was in preschool for 3 years (the last year was our decision to hold her back because we just knew one more year would do the trick!)… we were right. She’s rocking her first year of Kindergarten. She’s just a little older than most of the kids in her class, but she’s right on target academically, so it’s a good trade off. Some of the day she spends in the special education classroom which is amazing- lots of non-desk options for her to do her work. (Heck, I would have LOVED that!) Still has speech but after preschool, they said she no longer needed OT. It’s scary not knowing how things are going to go, and it’s so hard being a mama to them and not being able to do anything about it. But I think what they need the most is simply our love. 🙂 You’re doing great!! Keep me posted on his progress if you don’t mind. I really love being the cheerleader from the sidelines. hahaha He’s gonna be great regardless of when he moves on to the big K. XOXO Love, MB

      December 1, 2017 at 4:27 pm

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