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Snow Days + Gingerbread Houses

I love a good snow day.

dec 11-0041I remember being in school & jumping for joy when after like 10 minutes of watching the list of school delays/cancellations scrolling by on the news, there it was.  Delay… or better yet- cancellation.  As it turns out, I get equally as excited as a mama who greatly enjoys lazy mornings with Nadia.  😉

Yesterday, this happened:dec 11-0083dec 11-0087dec 11-0103(Seriously, how is she not freezing… and why is the coat coming OFF?!)dec 11-0057I wrote this on my personal FB page last night, so perhaps it will explain the socks on her hands.  😉FB Screenshotdec 11-0012And then we did this:dec 11-0293dec 11-0298I sure do love a nice gingerbread house!  Meanwhile, Nadia was eating the icing when I wasn’t looking.  There’s always evidence, child.
dec 11-0329dec 11-0347dec 11-0317I love that Nadia got one of her Lego men for this… Later, she even set him up so his hand was on the doorknob.  It was just so perfect!dec 11-0349So there’s our house… Here’s the other side.dec 11-0372It’s been a good couple days.  😉

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