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The Sanity Saving Teepee

Oh my good golly, man.  Natasha has been HARD to entertain lately.  She is at that stage where she desperately wants to join in the fun SITTING UP, but she can’t do it on her own… Aaaand she doesn’t want us to hold and help her.  And doesn’t want to be propped in a Boppy.  We can’t win.  😉

Out of desperation for my back/neck/arms to get a break (cause really, holding a 10+ lb. girl in one arm ALL day long is quite a workout!), I went online and did some searching.  I wanted to buy her a play gym she’d like, but they’re expensive!  So I decided to go for something that would be enjoyable for her now and also not be totally useless once she can sit up.  Bring on the teepee.

Even Nadia likes it.  Okay, and Gracie.  Cause what cat wouldn’t like playing with a slightly-expensive play gym with fun dangly toys to swat at?!  (Get lost, girl.  It’s for the baby.  Love you, but seriously.)

There’s a cute little lion toy on the mobile that she LOVES.  Her face lights up when she sees him and immediately starts a conversation.  😉  It’s the cutest.

It’s exactly what we needed.  Totally keeps her entertained when mama has to, I don’t know, USE THE BATHROOM!  Cause believe it or not, kiddo, it’s not socially acceptable for me to pee in a diaper like you.  But it’s also super fun when big sister attempts to join you in the teepee, too.  Despite her being like 5 years too large for it.

Legs for days.

Can’t wait to see if she enjoys sitting up and reading books in here in later years.  The kid on the box was doing it sooooo…  😉


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