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May 2016 Project Life Album

Hi, all!  Finally put on some finishing touches to these pages from May, so it’s time to share them!  If you missed the post where I talk about why I moved back into a larger Project Life album, catch up here.  Otherwise, let’s get to it.

Drumroll please….

project life-2668

project life-2670

project life-2671

project life-2673

project life-2675

project life-2676

project life-2677

project life-2678

project life-2679

project life-2680

project life-2681

project life-2682

project life-2684

project life-2685

project life-2686

project life-2688

project life-2690

project life-2692
project life-2693

project life-2694

project life-2696

project life-2697

project life-2699

project life-2700

project life-2701

project life-2702

project life-2703

project life-2704

project life-2705

project life-2706

project life-2708

project life-2709

project life-2710

project life-2712

project life-2713

project life-2714

{How thankful I am to have these photos of my sweet kitty…}

project life-2715

project life-2716

project life-2717

project life-2718

project life-2719

project life-2720

project life-2721

project life-2722

project life-2723

project life-2724

project life-2725

project life-2726

project life-2728

project life-2729

project life-2730

project life-2731

project life-2732

project life-2733

project life-2734

project life-2735

project life-2736

project life-2737

project life-2738

project life-2739

project life-2740

project life-2741

project life-2742

I had a great time working in this album for the past month, so I’m going to continue on until I either get bored with it or run out of room… chances are good, the latter will come first.  😉

(If you’re one of the people that actually enjoy listening to my half hour ramblings on YouTube, you can watch the video version of this month’s pages here.)

Hope you enjoyed it!!!  I’ll be back to share more craftiness soon!


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