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Hello, Love Scrapbook layout + ultrasound picture

Ohhh, baby baby baby.  It seems like lately, that’s all I can think about, talk about, scrapbook about, and talk about some more.  I’m just simply so over the moon excited to be having another precious little one.  And yesterday, Dana and I got to see him or her squirming around on the ultrasound.  It wouldn’t be my style if I didn’t show you… and also scrapbook the occasion.  😉

Look at that cutie about to suck his or her thumb!  Gosh.  Just when I think my heart can’t swell any bigger, it does.

… although, I’ve also been saying that about my belly this whole time, too.  LOL

I’m now almost 22 weeks along!  Not gonna lie- the first 16 were brutal (I thought that sickness would NEVER go away!  Thank God, I was wrong!)… but then I felt great for the past month.  Aaaand, now I’m starting to get mildly uncomfortable, lose more sleep than I was losing before, and my skin is beginning to feel like it’s ripping down the middle.  Nevertheless, I’m happy as can be.

That being said, I happily ventured up to my craft room and created this layout today:

I used a lot from Crate Paper’s Little You collection that I’ve been hoarding for years… (You know.  Just in case.)  😉

I even busted out my old Silhouette Portrait to make a cut file.  I don’t think I’ve used it for a year- I kind of missed it!!

Naturally, I *had* to use my sewing machine at least twice, as well as type out the journaling on my mama’s old 1960s typewriter.

I wanted to include the other photos we were given of baby- legs, feet, arms, etc.  So I created a little pocket to tuck them in behind the main image.

If it’s not obvious, I never use the original ultrasound images for my craft projects.  They’re like Polaroids- ya only get the one copy!  And because they’re so precious, I save them for the “official” baby book.  I just scan them as soon as I get home, and then make copies from there.  🙂

That’s it!  It felt good to be back in my craft room playing around with these papers.  And it felt better knowing I’m documenting the very beginning of another new Love that is going to occupy my heart for all of time.

…. and no, we still don’t know the gender.  But I sure am excited for that big surprise at the end!  XOXO

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