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Felicity Jane + Tombow Collaboration | Scrapbook Layout

Hi, everyone!  So today I actually want to talk about the life-changing adhesives that I was sent by Tombow U.S.A. for our collaboration this month.  (Thanks, Tombow!!!)  Ok, maybe saying they are “life-changing” is a little extreme…. But hey, when you’re like me and have been using that outrageously bulky and top heavy Advanced Tape Glider that I’ve had a love-hate relationship with for the past few years, holding a little tape runner like this guy is quite a treat.

Felicity Jane | Tombow Collab.- Marybeth-0175
Honestly, it was perfection to me!  The tape had no trouble latching on to the page- and if you’ve ever seen me at work, you’ll know that I’ve wasted A LOT of tape from products that don’t stick the first time around.  (Or the second.  Or the third.  Ok, I’m done.)  This one was great.  The tape is permanent, photo safe, and acid free.  And as I found out when I had to reposition something, it does allow you to lift and move things around a bit if you haven’t pressed it down too tightly.  That’s a must-have for me.  You can find the tape runner here, and I highly recommend trying it out!

Felicity Jane | Tombow Collab.- Marybeth-0174

Next I tried the MONO Multi Liquid Glue… and as someone who usually doesn’t enjoy the messiness of runny, bubbly, squirts-out-in-all-the-wrong-places-leaving-your-project-a-giant-mess glue, I was pleasantly surprised with how great this worked for me!  The fine tip applicator on one end was PERFECT for adhering some of my delicate cut files, and the broad tip spreads the glue on larger surfaces so nicely that it’s hard to even tell you used a liquid glue to begin with!  {Y’all know the bubble struggle I’m talking about- Liquid glue + paper is usually a disaster.  Not this time.}  😉

Felicity Jane | Tombow Collab.- Marybeth-0177
Honestly, I’m just so pleased with the products that I’ve tried that I just know I’ll be getting more when these run out!  And as for the rest of the layout, well, it’s Felicity Jane.  Can’t EVER go wrong with that, right?  🙂

Felicity Jane | Tombow Collab.- Marybeth-0176
Felicity Jane | Tombow Collab.- Marybeth-0179

Felicity Jane | Tombow Collab.- Marybeth-0180

Felicity Jane | Tombow Collab.- Marybeth-0181

To see a process video of me making this layout, watch here:

Thanks for looking!

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