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“Home Is Where The Cat Is” | Scrapbook Layout Using Crate Paper Cute Girl

Hi, everyone!  I wanted to share with you a scrapbook layout I created last night using the adorable Crate Paper “Cute Girl” collection.  Oh how I love it!

@marybethhancher | Cute Girl Scrapbook-8827
There’s so much I adore about this collection… but I’m not gonna lie.  It was all the cats that totally won me over.  Surprised?  Didn’t think so.  😉  For this layout, I knew I wanted to use a photo I took of our boy Powder who decided one day to secretly spend hours hanging out on top of the tallest bookshelf we own.   I didn’t even realize he was up there until he peeked out over the top when it was finally time for him to make his way down.  Silly little fluff.

@marybethhancher | Cute Girl Scrapbook-8832
I knew this was going to be a “busy” layout from the start, so I just rolled with it.  As I sat in my big comfy chair binge watching Gilmore Girls, I took all the little paper scraps I had + the branding strips from the 12×12 papers and I haphazardly pieced together the bottom of this layout.  I lightly glued them in place first, and then I sewed them down later.  As always, I finished the layout by crinkling some of the edges of the papers- that’s the part where I feel like it all comes together.  In a way, it’s the grand finale.

@marybethhancher | Cute Girl Scrapbook-8828
There’s just something about adding that worn look to a page that really ties it all up and makes it feel like an heirloom of sorts.  Know what I mean?

@marybethhancher | Cute Girl Scrapbook-8818

So that’s it!  I’m fairly certain I broke all the “rules” of design once again, but when you feel like playing, you toss the rule book off to the side & just stinkin’ play.   At least that’s my motto.  😉

@marybethhancher | Cute Girl Scrapbook-8822

Thanks for looking!

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And p.s.- For those of you wondering, the kitty in this photo is #1 of the “Fluffy Twin” duo we have in our family… and sadly, #2 of the duo has still yet to be found.  I miss you, sweet Cricket.

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  • Reply Maria Holmberg

    Absolutely beautiful layout!!!!
    I adore your blog and look forward to “checking in” with you from time to time. The minute I saw your layout, I smiled – thanks for helping me start my day with a huge serving of happiness!
    I so hope your sweet Cricket comes home to you soon!
    I giggled when you mentioned binging on GG. I just “discovered” them in August and have been doing the same. I sadly finished the last episode of season 7 this morning. Thank goodness for the new episodes due out in late November! I may need to start the series all over again (like I did with Psych). Have a great one Marybeth!

    October 27, 2016 at 2:58 pm
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