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#ScrapMyWeek | No. 4

Lest you think that I have already given up on my weekly scrapbook layout, here I am to set the record straight.  The ink ran out in my printer, so I was just waiting to get more.
Thank you, God for Amazon Prime and the convenience of getting less expensive ink shipped to my doorstep in two days.
#scrapmyweek | @marybethhancherThis was one of those super fun, I’m-not-gonna-think-too-hard-about-it layouts.  I used a mix of papers and things I had in my stash, and I got out my fringing shears since I haven’t used them in a while.  Gotta love me some fringe.#scrapmyweek | @marybethhancherI don’t know about anyone else, but last week seemed like there was a desperation for love in the air.  Know what I mean?  If you’re a Facebook user, you absolutely will know what I’m saying.  I personally feel like that place {which was once a fun way to connect with friends & family} is now just an outlet for bashing and fear-mongering and criticism and everyone to stand on their platforms and wave around their opinions and shame those who disagree…. I could go on and on.  But I won’t cause I want my blog to be a happy place.  😉

So I disconnected to reconnect with the things that matter.  I brought out my babes- meaning my daughter, my cat (one of them at least), and my camera- and we laughed and ran and sang.  Then I took photos of things around me that I see every day but somehow didn’t appreciate until I stepped back to really look at them.  Like the star-shaped pattern that somehow wound up in an old tree stump.  The pretty red and orange leaves that hung around on a bushe that surrounds my house.  The woodgrain on the benches that line our porch…  There’s something about fresh air and nature that brings me great peace.  It’s my habitat for joy and my holy place for deep prayer.  And let’s just get real- I’m totally nasty when I don’t see the sun for days because it effects my mood terribly.  So I have to get in that sunshine when we’ve got it, whether it’s in a bathing suit or in my winter coat.And in those moments and in those places, I just let love fill me and fuel me.

Thanks for looking!

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  • Reply Linda Iko

    Love your layout! actually I love all of your work lol. :}

    February 2, 2017 at 5:39 pm
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