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#ScrapMyWeek | No. 5

I’m a week late in posting my fifth #scrapmyweek layout, but that’s because I’ve been busy living life and taking in the joy of being home with Nadia.  And that’s pretty much the meaning behind this scrapbook page in particular.We’re a few weeks shy of Nadia’s 6th birthday, and once again I’m starting to feel all the feels.  My baby is going to be six.  SIX.  And I know soon she’ll be a big kindergartener and might not want me to hold her hand as we walk to the door at school… and eventually, she probably won’t even want me to walk her to the door at all.  (Although, I should give warning at that time to the teachers that she’s a flight risk…. not because she has autism.  Because she’s a Hancher.  We’re rebels at heart.  *wink*)
When we come home from preschool, we go through the same movements.  I drive home- Nadia says hi to each landmark we pass.  “Oh hi, stop sign.  Hi, trampoline.  Hi, purple fence.  Hi, cross.”  😉  When we arrive home, we pull into the garage, stay in the car for about 30 more seconds because we can’t just get out without finishing the song we’re listening to.  Then I get out, unbuckle her, she gathers up Lambie, Cozy, and whatever other toys she left in the car, and her backpack is forgotten.  I grab it with my purse and head inside where we’re greeted by our cats.
The day is coming where I won’t be carrying her Hello Kitty backpack.  Where I won’t have to buckle her seat belt for her or help her tie her shoes.  And as much as I’ll be rejoicing when she can do all those things without me, part of me will mourn the end of her childhood.  But instead of looking at what’s ahead and dreading the day where she no longer needs me to do the things I do for her now, I’m going to cherish each moment- simply enjoying life one day at a time while I embrace the little things that make up this beautiful life of mine.(As far as the scrapbook layout goes, the background paper I used is from last month’s Felicity Jane “Sophie” kit, and other embellishments are from the Crate Paper collection “Cute Girl.”  The “Cherish” sticker is by Amy Tangerine.)

Thanks for looking!

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  • Reply Roxy

    Beautiful picture and layout. I know how you feel my baby is nine yrs old and the time goes by so fast, just trying to enjoy every moment as my children grow. It’s all the little things that I hold so dear. Thank you for sharing and God Bless.

    February 9, 2017 at 9:21 pm
  • Reply Nancy

    You’ve got this, Marybeth. It’s so easy to get caught up in the “soon she won’t need me anymore” thoughts and find yourself forgetting to enjoy the moments that are happening now. And every now moment is so, so important. It’s been a long time since my daughter was Nadia’s age and yet every moment comes flooding back to me so easily and it’s lovely to have those memories. And here’s a secret … she’ll always need you! <3

    February 10, 2017 at 3:15 am
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