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#ScrapMyWeek | No. 8

Hmmm… who made this layout, and what happened to Marybeth?  That’s kind of how I feel when I look at it.  It almost seems too neat.  Know what I mean?
For this week (which is actually from the last week in February), I documented how I was enjoying photographing anything and everything.  I had a blast just playing with my camera creating double exposures the way you can with film, and it was just super fun and summarized my week! (I’ve been much, much, much too lazy to get out my 35mm SLRs and shoot a roll + develop it, so thank God I can do these things in digital!)
I even got to do a super fun photo session for my friend Kelsey’s sweet family…
… and I picked up baby fever while I was there.  😉
I’ll be back soon for more!  Thanks for looking!

XOXO, Marybeth

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