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#ScrapMyWeek | No. 9… and 10

Today I had a blast playing a little catch-up and making two layouts on this one piece of paper from the Crate Paper collection “Cute Girl.”   And since I plan on binding these all together at the end of the year into one giant album of scrapbook layouts, I’ve been trying to use both sides of each scrapbook paper whenever I can.  You know, so I don’t add too much extra bulk by using more papers than necessary … (As if worrying about “bulk” ever stopped me before, right?  LOL!)  So far, I haven’t had a problem using whatever design is on the reverse side of the page I choose- my scrappy layouts are usually pretty “busy” and messy, so if a color scheme doesn’t work upon first glance, I can usually get it to work once I start with the embellishments.  I just roll with it!

So here goes.  First up is the layout I created to honor Nadia’s 6th birthday.  *Insert sounds of this mama weeping*
I had a lot of photos from this day, but I chose to print my favorites out in 4×6 format and put them in my Project Life album for the year (that I’ll be sharing at some point!)… but to keep it more simple on this page, I used PicMonkey to create an easy collage.
I printed out a little journaling and stuck it on the top to finish!
Sometimes people tell me that they don’t know how I can make layouts with so many colors and patterns.  And the truth is- it’s easy.  I can because I just embrace my inner 8 year old and let myself have fun.  haha!  I don’t worry about rules and balancing colors and all that other stuff that people generally put too much emphasis on.  If you spend too much time worrying about following a rulebook, then you’ll spend less time creating art. And this mess of stuff you see is my art.  😉Next up is the reverse side of this paper… No. 10:See?  I can sometimes go simple.  😉  This one is actually a little too simple.  But I stopped and moved on because I found myself wanting to add more but not knowing what- so when I start overthinking things, I know it’s time to just quit while I’m ahead before I spend the next 3 hours focusing on something that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.  haha!  All that matters to me is that the memory was captured and documented.
I’ve been dying to use this cat paper, but I wasn’t sure what to document on it… I mean, Lord knows I have enough photos of my cats, but I wanted a story, if that makes sense.  And I got my story.  Sweet Powder Puff is our cat with the most “humanlike” personality.  He’s the one that will put a paw on each shoulder and give a very real hug when he wants to show us love.  He’s the little guy that gets jealous like a child when he sees Dana and I snuggling on the couch, so he makes sure to jump in the middle of us so all attention is on him.  (LOL!)  He’s the one that lays on my chest and snuggles in close with his head on my shoulder when I’m sad and he finds me crying.  He’s just a gem of a buddy.  And recently, he’s been letting Nadia play “dress up” with him.  😉
We just love this little dude.  And he looks mighty cool with his gold chain and mohawk, if I do say so myself.  😉

… but of course, Miss Mila got jealous that she wasn’t included on this page, so she had to be sure to make her appearance when I went to photograph it.  hahaha!  Cats!

Thank you so much for looking!!  Hope you’re all doing great!!
XOXOXO, Marybeth

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