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Shakin’ the Curls | Scrapbook Layout

Honestly, I’m LOVING my new interest in scrapbooking.  I was never a huge fan of making large layouts like these, but I think it all stemmed from one thing- it was intimidating!  I just simply didn’t know how to make use of the paper.  Can I just say one thing?  I’m so glad I dove in and tried anyways cause I feel like I’m getting better each time!

october layouts-8678

Granted, I’m not the best at doing this by any means, and I’m still learning all of the “rules”- in fact, I’ve recently been devouring anything scrapbook related on Big Picture Classes.  I know that creativity isn’t always about following rules- I deal with this a lot in my photography- but you can’t break the rules until you know them, right?

october layouts-8682

october layouts-8679

october layouts-8680

I used a lot of Maggie Holmes goods for this layout- Some from the Bloom collection, others from Open Book (which is still one of my absolute favorites ever!)… I like to mix and match, and I think it worked out well this time.

october layouts-8683

october layouts-8685

When Nadia was a baby and had first gotten a big ball of curls on the top of her head, she used to shake them really fast, and we’d say, “Shakin’ the curls!”  And even though her curls are much less springy than those old days, five years later we’re still saying that.  😉

october layouts-8689

october layouts-8684

Thanks for looking!!

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