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Summer School Class Roster – Felicity Jane Maggie Kit Scrapbook Layout

Summer school… or Upstairs School as Nadia sweetly refers to it.  😉  What a blast that was!  I’m not exaggerating either…  We simply loved it.  Each morning throughout the week we woke up, ate breakfast, had a few minutes of laziness, and then one of us would announce, “It’s time for school!”  And up we’d go to my craft room that we doubled in use as our classroom.

Since summer is coming to a close & we’re all ready for regular public preschool to begin once more, I decided to finish out this season by taking our class photos.  😉  And naturally, the papers and embellishments in the Felicity Jane Maggie Kit were calling my name.  The colors were just p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

fj-maggie kit class photos-7193
There’s not much in this layout that is meant to be taken seriously, but in all honesty, the months of working with Nadia at home were extremely successful.  She learned to write all of her lower case letters correctly.  She can now recognize, recite, and count numbers up to 100.  She has learned to sight read small words.  And we’re really just getting started.  Because even though she’s going back to her regular school next week, I just know she’ll enjoy having “upstairs school” in the afternoons for just a bit.  😉

fj-maggie kit class photos-7164
For this layout, I used some of the journaling cards in this months cut apart sheet as photo matte’s, and I adhered our class photos right on top.  I left the very top open so I could tuck some printed out typewriter style journaling behind each photo that tells a little something about everyone’s personality.  Because if you didn’t already notice, I have been blessed with a class full of ornery but lovable students.  😉

fj-maggie kit class photos-7165
P.S.- How stinking perfect is this months stamp set????  *I* can’t even handle the cuteness!!  😉

fj-maggie kit class photos-7169
You can’t tell from the photo, but I had lipstick on my teeth.  I figured I’d just go along with silliness and add a rubber charm bow to my hair.  😉

fj-maggie kit class photos-7170
The journaling on my card says:
“What a delightful & youthful looking teacher Mrs. Mom is!  😉  With very little classroom teaching experience, she did very well her first year of summer school.  Using her gift of songwriting, she instituted a new morning routine in which all students began the day singing-
‘We are learning,
We are learning
Just because it’s summer,
Just because it’s summer,
Doesn’t mean we need to spend all day at play,
Day at play.’
Sung to the tune of ‘Are you Sleeping, Brother John?’
She enjoyed teaching the students how to write their lower case letters, how to recognize & count to 100, and other various lessons taken directly from Clifford the Big Red Dog.”  😉

fj-maggie kit class photos-7173
Oh Lambie…. I couldn’t take the cuteness when Nadia put her in an old handmade sweater one of my Barbie dolls used to wear (actually, I think it was Ken’s!), and she’s been wearing Mr. Potato Head’s yellow glasses around the house, too.  Adorable.

fj-maggie kit class photos-7174
fj-maggie kit class photos-7175
Also, the little rubber charms are perfect for covering up any tape or glue that peeks its ugly head through the other side of the those tissue paper circles.  🙂

fj-maggie kit class photos-7176
fj-maggie kit class photos-7177

fj-maggie kit class photos-7180

Lastly, Clarissa.  For anyone new to these parts of the internet, let me quickly explain one of my “weird” family things that probably won’t make sense anyways… I’m not even sure I remember how it all started, but this Cabbage Patch Doll is notorious around our house for asking the question, “Have you seen my button?”  😉  I think somewhere along the way during Nadia’s I’m-obsessed-with-belly-buttons-stage, Clarissa joined in… and now we have conversations that occasionally involve this cute little doll popping up out of nowhere and interrupting us with her questions.  Makes Nadia burst out laughing every time.  That being said…

fj-maggie kit class photos-7181
fj-maggie kit class photos-7185
I love the wooden alphabet set in this kit!  It’s just the perfect addition to the rest of the kit because it works great with ALL the colors!

fj-maggie kit class photos-7187
fj-maggie kit class photos-7189
After cutting off the branding strip at the bottom of the paper, I just glued the reverse side right on top.  I always love using those little extra pieces.  No waste around here!  😉

fj-maggie kit class photos-7192
I really enjoyed making this one so much!  I loved digging into the kit and using the flair buttons and  rubber charms along with all the rest of it.  I think this is the perfect simple layout to document our classroom roster… cause after all, we’re quite silly around here.  😉
Thanks so much for looking!

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