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Who will you be? A he or a she?

Yep.  We’re having a baby… My baby and me!  *insert scene from I Love Lucy where she…*  No, actually, I’ll just actually insert it.

(Can I mention that I love how Lucy’s tears are real in this scene?  Makes me smile ear to ear every time!)

I took a social media break for nearly two months, and MAN did it do me some good!  And in the meantime, well, this.  Baby #2 is due late October!  We’re feeling so many things about having another baby… but it’s all good. Very very good!

This pregnancy has been incredibly difficult for me this time around, so I truly haven’t felt like doing much and couldn’t even if I wanted to!  I’ve spent most days camped out around the toilet, and food has been totally out of the question.  Day and night sickness for the past 7+ weeks, but I think there’s an end in sight!!!!!  Gosh, I never thought I’d see the day!  haha!  That being said, for the very first time in months, I felt like crafting.  So here is the scrapbook layout I created in 30 minutes.

I’m totally bored with my regular Project Life album, and for whatever reason, I can’t get into crafting anything else either… but suddenly, scrapbook layouts are calling my name!  I really love the process of making them!

I’m not sure we’ll find out the gender of this baby just like we didn’t find out that Nadia was a girl ahead of time!  I actually love the element of surprise after the final push… and in a strange way, it gives me more incentive to keep pushing when I feel like giving up.  😉  But I dunno.  We’ll see as the months go on!

I have so many more thoughts to share, but right now all I feel like doing is lounging in bed with Netflix and a bowl of Rice Krispies so I’m going to listen to my gut (literally) and do just that.  Apparently cereal is my big craving of the day.  LOL!

Can’t wait to scrap more soon!  Thanks for looking!  XO, Marybeth

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  • Reply Janet

    Omg Marybeth!!’so happy for you congrats I am so happy to hear you are getting passed the sick stage !!! So
    Excited for you !! Not sure if you remember me ! It’s janet from YouTube (Girl in a Sweater…. Crafts ) Lol anyhow congratulations!
    I love this !!! I am a Lucy lover!! That’s so cool how you added that scene !!!

    April 11, 2018 at 12:28 am
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