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A Recap of February + March + April (2019) | Favorite Photos

I suck. LOL. Seriously, what on earth. I always say I’m going to begin blogging again, but here I am. Posting my favorite photos from February, March, AND April… in MAY. Gosh!

If I’m being real here- I remember *thinking* about posting some of these but then decided against it because I was in a creative funk. Like, these aren’t exactly “portfolio-worthy” photos by any means. My big-girl camera was crapping out on me left and right, so I took most of these on my Backup To The Backup cam. Yes, my backup has a backup… and yes, my fellow The Office fans, you should be reading that much like “Assistant To The Regional Manager.” 😉

Anyways, better late than never???? (How many times can someone say that before it’s no longer true?)

There you have it. I suppose when it comes down to it, for my personal collection + family albums, I’m just happy to have these memories captured- regardless of the quality! 🙂

I have more things to share very soon, but here’s a little hint: I’ve been working on some new branding + playing more with my camera… And this blog may be getting a minor facelift soon, too. 😉 Hooray!

XO, Marybeth

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