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Altered Project Life Core Kit Box

I know I can’t possibly be the only one that has looked at the Project Life Core Kit boxes with their sturdy construction and fancy magnetic closure and thought, “What can I make out of this?”  😉  I originally studied it thinking I could construct an album of sorts, but then I decided that it would require me to do a little cutting of the edges and that ended that thought process in a jiffy.  I needed something quick.  So this is what I came up with.

altered pl core kit box-6954
Twenty minutes.  That’s all it took to complete this project.  🙂

altered pl core kit box-6951
Lately, I’ve been purging and tidying my home, and I’m pretty much done with keeping anything that doesn’t either bring me joy or have a purpose.  And I don’t mean some unknown future purpose like I’ve always saved unnecessary things for-  If I can’t use it right now, it’s gone.  So with that in mind, I’ve been doing my very best to purge even my craft supplies… No more thinking about getting new storage units to just to keep all my stuff.  I’m using up what I’ve got and hopefully in due time, I’ll only have one or two paper collections or kits to play with at a time.

altered pl core kit box-6955

My thought process behind keeping this box and using it to store craft supplies is this- I’m going to fill it with all the little bits and pieces that I never seem to know how to store appropriately anyways, and my focus is going to be on using just those items before either getting more or refilling the box with more crap  craft items in my stash.  Cause I have a lot of pretty things that I desperately need to use, you guys.  Like more than my anxiety can handle.  😉  But the tray inside that normally houses the journaling cards would be perfect to separate things like wood veneers, pieces of ephemera, rubber charms, etc.

altered pl core kit box-6937
So, there’s no real tutorial here… It’s so simple that I found it unnecessary to make one.  I didn’t even do any measuring.  I just lined up some paper (that I’m also trying to use up), made a little mark where I wanted to cut it, and then taped it down on the box.  I did that for the sides, the front part with the magnetic closure, and the inside of the lid.

altered pl core kit box-6917

After doing that, I just decorated it with some ruffled crepe paper, chipboard stickers, etc.

altered pl core kit box-6950
altered pl core kit box-6957
On the inside, I left it pretty empty because I was thinking I would use that part to washi tape little notes to myself when I have an idea for how to use some of the embellishments in the box… I sometimes come up with good ideas or plans for how to use my supplies, but most of the time it’s not a moment where I can actually make the project when I think of it…. So this way the note will be right there, and I won’t forget!  (I’ve written my ideas down in notebooks in the past, but if they’re not out in the open when I’m crafting, I tend to forget my original plans.  Mommy brain, perhaps???)

altered pl core kit box-6958
I had paper scraps that I also wanted to use, so I just cut them down to small sizes and taped them to the bottoms of the tray to give it a fresh look and some pops of color.

altered pl core kit box-6939
Then I just filled the box.  🙂

altered pl core kit box-6963
altered pl core kit box-6967
altered pl core kit box-6968
altered pl core kit box-6969

altered pl core kit box-6971

altered pl core kit box-6966
And that’s it!

altered pl core kit box-6974
Now it will just sit {not so} neatly on my table with all the paper scraps and glitter flakes.  😉

altered pl core kit box-6980
Thanks for looking!!!


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    I simply adore this bix! It’s so clever. Cute decorations as well.

    August 24, 2016 at 4:25 pm
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