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Chronic Blogger Syndrome

I can’t believe I’m about to say this… but welcome to my new blog.  Again.  Yep.  Another one.  This time, I promise it will be the last!!!!

If you’ve known me for the past 5-10 years, you’ve probably seen the evolution of my blogging life.  And you may or may not be sick of me by now.  😉

Let’s see… I’ve had an Adventures with Marybeth blog, another one I kept when I was pregnant with Nadia, a third one after that- I believe it was just called “Adventures with the Hanchers”… Then along came the blog I had with my sisters, which we named “3 Craftastic Sisters” because, well, we’re crafty!  (I feel like that one needs to be resurrected again!)  Then I started my first photography blog, which was just a free site filled with embarrassingly over-exposed and over-edited photos that I thought were awesome at the time.  Then a more professional looking photo blog.  Then another one once that one crashed, and finally the one I still have which I’ve revamped at least a dozen times.  Next we’ve got my Sweetly Silent blog that was/is a faith-based blog geared toward women….

… and now this one.

I feel like I owe you all an explanation.

Truth is, I just like to blog.  BUT the problem is, I’ve kept blogs that had only one purpose- either pregnancy stuff, family-related stories, photography topics, or all my ramblings about how much I love Jesus.  While that’s great and all, I’m much more scatterbrained than my limited topical blogs allow me to be… The kind of scatterbrained that makes me want to write one day about a great book I read, but then the next day talk about the new pages I created in my Project Life albums.  Then maybe a day later, I’ll have something really awesome to share that I learned while digging into the original languages of scripture, but then two hours later I feel the need to talk about something funny that my daughter did that day.  I think most people use social media for this type of rambling, but to be quite frank, I need more space than that.  I need my own space.  #lifeofanintrovert  😉

It only took me a week of disconnecting from Facebook & Instagram to become aware that I may have started off all wrong… again!  To be honest, the prideful part of me is totally embarrassed to admit that I’ve done it all wrong for the millionth time.  But instead of thinking of it as backtracking, I’m choosing to think of it as moving forward and starting fresh.  😉  I feel like I’ve created an alias for myself each time I start a new blog- but underneath it all is just a happy little lady named Marybeth who likes to talk about anything and everything.  Which is why, for the last time, I’m starting over.  From now on, I’ll just be Marybeth Hancher…. the stay-at-home-everything.

And if chronic blogger syndrome is a “thing,” then I totally have it.


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