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Happy Anniversary, The Journal Shoppe + Giveaway

Today marks 1 year since I opened The Journal Shoppe on Etsy!!

WOW.  I look back over the past year, and me oh my… my shop has already evolved quite a bit.  For starters, it got a complete makeover and name change 7 months ago… then I tweaked my journals and gave them cool names like “The Notetaker” and “The Storyteller.”  (Yeah, I know…. probably not as cool as I think.  Hahaha!)  😉

But my greatest joy in all of it comes from getting to know YOU.

-I’ve received countless emails, Facebook messages, & Instagram comments letting me know that I’ve inspired you to finally print out those dang photos and get them in books… and that’s really one of my primary goals with The Journal Shoppe!  To create books that will make you want to fill them with memories that otherwise could be forgotten.


-I’ve had many conversations via etsy & email that opened the door to real-life friendships that I wouldn’t trade for anything.


-I’ve been given the sweetest, most endearing compliments on not only my work as a journal-maker but also on my child, how I parent Nadia, and heck, even the sound of my laughter when I share my stories on YouTube.  Y’all make me feel so loved.


…. You know I wasn’t going to open that shop, right?  I remember making lots of prototype journals, and crying over them because I just couldn’t seem to get the sizing right, the binding straight, nothing!  When I did finally perfect them (after trying some of the tips and tricks that my sweet engineer of a husband came up), I sat there with him the night before I was about to launch my shop crying in loud sobs because I was afraid to open it and fail.  That’s something I’ve always struggled with… failing.  I was giving in to disappointment before it even happened.

But you know what did happen?  My husband talked me down, so to speak, told me that if it’s really something I wanted to do, I should at least try, and that he’d be on my side the whole time & there to help any way that he could.  And if I didn’t sell a single book, well, then I’d have a lot of journals to use myself… which I already do!  😉

So I cried a little more (happy tears this time), prayed about it for the millionth time, and the opened shop the next day.  And you know what happened?  I sold 3 in the first couple days.  And then 3 more.  And then a few more after that.  That first month had me packing up journals like these every night:

Now, the heart of my shop is in the more creative junk journals and memory keeping books I create, but no matter what I create for sale, I put so much love into it, knowing it will be used to store someone’s precious stories.

SO, as my way of saying “thank you for your support,” I’m going to host a little giveaway on social media this weekend!

This is a hardcover 5.5×8.5″ journal featuring the Maggie Holmes Bloom collection & some papers from the Maggie Holmes Shine collection, as well.  (Can you tell I love Maggie Holmes’ designs?!?!)  There are 32 pages (64 sides) that also include coffee dyed papers, graph paper, envelopes, tags, glassine bags, the works!  Basically it’s the essence of The Journal Shoppe packed into one little book you can throw in your bag.  😉

If you are on Instagram, find my post that looks like this:

… and to enter, all you have to do is follow me, gimme some love on the photo, and tag a friend who you’d think would like to enter, too.

And if you’re on Facebook, do the same.  🙂  Like my page, like (or love or laugh at… whatever the new options are on there!  haha) the photo for the giveaway, and tag a friend who might want to win, too.

If you’re on both…. well, you just got yourself two entries.  😉  I’ll be closing the giveaway Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. EST and announcing the winner sometime on Monday.

Giveaway is open internationally, too.  A big chunk of my “people” are international, and because you’ve always been willing to pay the high cost of shipping for my journals, I’m more that willing to do the same for you if you win.  <3

Thank you all again for your love and support over this past year!  Here’s to the next year in The Journal Shoppe!


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  • Reply Julierose

    Hi Marybeth–I follow you with bloglovin’ –don’t do any of the facebk, insta etc…BUT love your videos…and I love your books–I have one that I am using now…I am still keeping my PL 12×12 going but not EVERY day–(I mean with two old fogey retirees–we don’t need everyday for sure lol) BUT am going to move to smaller books and maybe out of the pocket syle…thanks so much for the chance on the giveaway…hugs, Julierose

    April 5, 2016 at 4:20 pm
    • Reply admin

      Hi!! Thanks so much!! Sorry you didn’t win, but I’m glad you still entered even though you don’t do the whole social media scene…. You’re not missing much. LOL!! And I’m thinking that next year once I’ve finished my commitment to one book per month, I’ll be going back to the 12x12s or at least the 9x12s that I’ve seen some people using. That looks like a nice in between size for me. 😉 My old PL albums were big and got heavy quickly, but, well, those albums hold a ton & don’t take up nearly as much space as what I’m doing now. haha! I mean, I have some nice big bookshelves that can be filled with albums, but there’s only so long I can do that before I just totally run out of space in my house and end up buried alive by the time I’m 40. hahaha! Anyways, glad you’re trying something new. It’s kind of fun switching it up anyways, so maybe you’ll like a smaller size better for a while! (And p.s. thanks so much for your journal order again!!! I was delighted to give you that one!) <3 XOXO

      April 10, 2016 at 12:13 am

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