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Hope Through Compassion [International]


I believe that discovering your “calling” in life can sometimes be found by {prayerfully} digging into what topics make you want to ramble on and on and on to whoever is willing to listen.  The things that make your face light up with joy.  The things that make your soul come alive.  Child sponsorship through Compassion International does that for me.  And if you’ll let me ramble a bit on a monthly basis, I’d love to share with you exactly why it means so much to me.

There is great beauty in being able to actively live out the gospel message and share life with a person who lives submerged in a level of poverty incomprehensible to those of us who have never gone without.

It’s been nearly two years since I’ve made a long-term commitment to a person I have never met before.  Someone who means a great deal to me and my family.  He’s a little boy living in an impoverished area in Africa, and his name is Matiou.

I first learned of Compassion International from my sister, Stephanie.  She had been sponsoring a little girl at the time (still is, actually!), and when I saw her picture and her letters, it made my heart swell.  How cool to have that connection with someone across the world and be able to make a difference in their lives, I thought.  I pushed it to the back of my mind for a while until the Lord brought that thought back out a few years later, when life was much busier for me and money was much tighter.  (Funny how God works.)

I approached my husband and told him that I felt very much led to be a sponsor, and we decided that we’d “make it work” knowing full well that we were committing to sponsor the child until they were no longer eligible to be in the program- essentially until they reached adulthood.  We were very naive about it, thinking that WE had to make the money happen & WE were doing the child and his family a favor.  It became quickly apparent that we weren’t in charge of budgeting our bank account to make it work… and more importantly, the little boy wasn’t the only one benefiting from our sponsorship.

In his 6 year old mind, I don’t think he grasps just how much he’s done for us… for me.  For my heart.  For my humility.  For my hope & trust & faith in the God that provides.

Throughout the past couple years, I’ve grown to understand that one of the absolute most important parts of child sponsorship is letter writing.  It’s one thing to send the $38 every month to provide them with their necessities as well as an education, but it’s another thing to live out the gospel message by actively speaking truth into their lives.  Showing them they are thought of, prayed for, and loved.

Even if you are not a Compassion sponsor, I’d be delighted if you followed along with my monthly blog posts.  My desire is to open the hearts of my fellow sponsors to really make the most of their commitment to these children and their families, as well as possibly encourage others to dive right in if they are feeling a calling on their lives to take one more child out of the bondage of poverty.  I’ll not only share stories of my own experience, but also letter writing tips, fun ways you can send something creative with your letters, my method of storing everything Compassion-related, and at some point I’ll have some free printables that you can use to help you out and get those creative-letter-writing-juices flowing.  Be sure to subscribe to this blog (located at the bottom of this page) so you don’t miss any posts!  🙂

(And just as a reminder, the purchase of any of my journals in the shop directly benefits Compassion as well.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to gift your money to an organization that can turn that money into Hope.)


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