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July Is My Fave.

Blogging has taken a back seat along with all the other endeavors I happily get myself into.  😉  Why? Cause it’s July.  And July is my fave.

Let’s see… we’ve spent time in the pool.  A lot.  Our watermelons are finally starting to grow.  We’ve been having picnic dinners outside and “campfires” with what my husband called our “glorified Bunsen Burner.”  (Instead of making a fire to roast s’mores one night, we used our portable propane  outdoor cooker… totally worked just fine- LOL!)

We’ve been chasing our kitties through the yard and then snuggling with them with nights of Netflix.  We take “Sunday drives” on our back country roads, and we get the music going and roll the windows down for the breeze.

We’ve been celebrating “Treat Yo Self” day with some ice cream and lemon slushes.

I’ve been Bible Journaling and giving thanks and playing some major catchup on my Project Life albums.

And lately I’ve been reevaluating many of the ways I spend my time.  Making a list of how I want to spend my 30s since I’m already a year into them, and looking at how to get myself closer to that simple, not-run-by-social-media-and-marketing life I dream of while still keeping the good stuff that I love to share.  And ya know what?  July is the perfect month for me to do that.  Because this is the month where I really breathe in the good life and realize that I want more of it.  🙂  More on that some other time!

In the meantime, did ya see what’s new in my shop?  WOOHOO!!!

I’ve been looking forward to Maggie Holmes’ new collection Carousel for so long!  And it’s here, it’s here!  (Although, as I keep mentioning over and over on my social accounts, even though I preordered the papers, American Crafts had an issue with them still being backordered, so they did not ship them to me.  They said that they are back in stock now and will be shipping them to me “as quickly as possible” so hopefully that means super soon… like this week.  Today.  Please arrive today.  *wink*  Really, though, I’ll update when I get ’em!)

How has your July been?  What things are you most looking forward to as we head into August??  Let me know so I can steal some of your end-of-summer-break ideas.  😉

XOXO, Marybeth

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