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Letters to Nadia | No. 1


You don’t know that since seeing your beautiful face for the first time, I’ve been walking through life feeling like I’m seeing it all through heart-shaped lenses….

You don’t know that I study your face, listen to your every word, and I think to myself, I am so proud to call her my child.

You don’t know that after you go to bed, your daddy and I still talk about the funny things you did that day.  You don’t know that I’ve watched the corners of his eyes well up with tears when he looks at you sweetly playing with your toys or singing to yourself.  And, my dear, it’s not because he’s feeling sad in the slightest- it’s because he’s just that proud of you, too.

You don’t know that every time you throw your arms around my waist, you’re reassuring this mama’s heart that I must not be doing so badly after all.  You don’t see the tears I shed when I think about how loved you make me feel, but sweetheart, I’ve cried my joy plenty of nights after you’ve gone to sleep.

When I laugh with you at your silly jokes-

When I brush through your tangled curls-

When I see how much love you give your beloved friends Lambie & Cozy-
I see parts of me reflecting back into my own eyes.  Hints of my own personality shine out of you, and I begin to remember how much I really do love being me.  I hope you love yourself, too.

You, sweet girl, are my treasure & when the time comes for you to actually read these letters, I pray that you’ll already know that.

Love, Mama

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