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Little Bits of Happiness- Week 1

You know those things that we share to social media because they just make us smile?  That’s what I want to share with you.  I’d love to make this a weekly thing, so why not start now?

I give you, my “little bits of happiness” for this first week of November.  🙂


1.  These adorable stick figure drawings… Perfect inspiration for a bit of quick journaling!


2.  This.  Anything that has to do with the March sisters is always worth a read.  Little Women is definitely in my top 3 favorite novels of all time.  😀

3.  Because I’m a huge Office fan, and one of my favorite moments was when Jim came to work dressed as Dwight.  😉   See the Etsy Listing here.


4.  Now just to give you fair warning, this one is bound to make you cry… like cry your stinking eyes out.  BUT it’s one of the things that totally and completely warmed my heart this week.  I think we could all take a lesson or two from Fred Rogers.  That man had so much Jesus pouring out of him, it wasn’t even funny!  🙂



5.  This entire dang website…. For real.  How cute are these drawings?!?!?!  I’m using the calendar as my desktop image right now, but you should definitely spend some time scrolling through her adorable freebies.


Have a great weekend!


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