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The Art of Bible Journaling | February 20, 2015


Most people know I’m crafty.  Most people ALSO know that I’m 2 paper pads away from being labeled a hoarder.  I have an entire room devoted to my craft addiction.  I call it my office, but we all know how much “business” work gets done in there, so let’s just get real and label it appropriately…

It’s my play room.

I recently was introduced to a community called Illustrated Faith… and ohhh myyy goodness, do I love it!  Talk about soul-mate art journaling!  Combining one of my favorite hobbies + The Bible = Love at first sight!  Do me a favor and just look at the gorgeousness on that site.  These gals make some beautiful pages in their Bibles, and it’s due time I jump on board.  😉

(I know there are people out there that think it’s not appropriate to write in your Bible, but I hardly think God minds one bit!  I use my Bible like a life-handbook.  It’s my love story.  And all the notes, highlights, and post-its that I have in my “every day” Bible are ways to keep track of my growth & understanding of all He shares with me during my time alone with Him.  And taking some good old fashioned paint and stickers and putting them in my journaling Bible is just a way for me to reflect & be thankful for the creativity He has given me, too!)

After my sweet friend Nicolette sent me a text last night with a picture of the first page she completed in her own journaling Bible, I felt like it was time for me to stop being afraid of “messing up” a page and just dive in.  So last night, while my hubby and I were hanging out together, I got out some craft supplies and got to work.  😉

I chose John 1:1-5 as my first verses to journal because these are the first verses I ever read in the Bible.  It took me a while to understand “the Word,” but when I did, my mind was BLOWN.  All my life, when I heard people speaking of Jesus as God’s Son, I didn’t quite understand that He wasn’t a God-like creation.  He IS God.  He is the Creator!!!  Sometimes, I think things can get lost in our modern translations.  I’ve met many people that have no idea that the word “God” used in the creation account in Genesis 1:1 is plural.  As in Father, Son, Holy Spirit kind of plural.  As in 1 God in 3 persons kind of plural.  We mistakingly say things like “when our Father created everything” when really we should be aware that it wasn’t just the Father at work.  Christ was there, too.  Hence, “the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

I know there have been plenty of revisions to try to erase this little tidbit of Truth, especially in organizations that want to take Christ out of the God-head, but God did something really awesome- He made His Book tamper-proof.  There are things that cannot be erased without making obvious contradictions that throw the entire destruction of scripture in the garbage.  And besides that, there are so many original manuscripts out there, that you can’t destroy the original writings.  You take verses like this back to the language it was first written in, and there’s no denying Christ’s place in the God-Head.  And I stinking LOVE IT.  🙂

So on to the artsy side of things- I used some cheap acrylic paints that I had on hand, letter/word stickers (the black label-maker ones & the white typewriter-style words are from Tim Holtz packs, and the pink scrabble tiles are made by American Crafts), and of course, my favorite thing ever- washi tape.

I also gave the page a messy coat of my favorite Liquitex Iridescent Effects Medium.  I love the slight shimmer it adds to my art projects!  Then I used my mini heart punch to punch the edge of the page -I’ll be doing that on all of my completed pages.

So what do you think?  For my first page, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  Although, if I had used my own handwriting, I’d be singing a different tune.  Haha!  Maybe I’ll be “daring” one day and make an attempt at typography.  😉

From here on out, I’ll be sharing my pages as I do them.  You’ll be able to find them all in the menu bar under the category “Bible Journaling.”  Anyone wanna join me in this artsy form of worship??


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