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What I’ve Been Up To Lately

… Yes, this post will be exactly that.  Just a quick run through of my life as of now.

1.  Working out.  But as I told my current 21 Day Fix Challenge Group on Facebook:  “The only time I feel “safe” during my workout is the stretch at the end…. Otherwise I’m dodging blocks, a kid, a cat, another cat, maybe another cat, a Barbie, a peacock feather????( <— like, what?!), books, and anything else that inevitably comes flying at me during the measly 30 minutes I get to do this.”  😉

2. Saving cats.  First, Powder broke 3 metatarsals in his dang foot, so that was a fiasco of having a hobbling super fluffy little ornery kitty acting like he owns the place.  😉  Nah, I loved him being inside.  Just not the mornings that I’d wake up to him sitting on top of my face or playing with my hair.

BUT, this little guy-

This sweet little guy that we so appropriately named “Soul Patch” because of the little soul patch of hair on his chinny chin chin:

… well, he got a bad eye infection, so it was his turn to meet the vet that knows our family a little too well.  😉  I know, I know.  Some of you are thinking “wait… ANOTHER CAT?!?!”  and the answer is yes.  Not because we wanted another cat.  Believe me- we initially only wanted ONE, but one turned into 1+  a litter of 3 kittens that we now call our babes and couldn’t imagine our crazy lives without.  But this summer a feral cat roamed into our yard, had her own kittens, and this sweet ball of fluff made his way into our hearts by sitting at the door staring in at us until we caved.  He immediately showed that he just wanted some love from us the moment we opened the door to him the first time.  How could we turn him away, right?  After all, he’s a feral cat purring his dang head off because a human being was petting him!   As for his eye, if we didn’t take him in when we did, he would have lost it.  Actually, it’s so bad that it may never heal properly, & on top of that, he was found to have a condition that can cause it to come back at any point with any stress-related events.  But he’s gentle & a charmer.  Him and that soul patch.  😉

3. Gettin’ my Jam on.  Last month I did great with my Jamberry Nails business.  I not only met my goals with sales, but I even got a promotion after signing on my new Jam-bae.  “Bae.”  Yeah, I said it.  P.S.  WHY are people saying “bae” these days?!  Like, am I missing something?  Bae?  Really?  😉

(Pssst… If you’re ever wanting to get some free goods, talk to me, sister!  We can throw you a quick weekend party on Facebook and let the rewards just come rolling in.  😉  Seriously, though, Christmas is coming soon, and who wouldn’t want one of the holiday gift sets, right?!)

4.  Revamping the Shoppe.  I use my journals.  I love my journals.  But I also know that if there’s ANY room for improvement, I want to do just that.  So after creating some prototypes for me to try out for a while, I’ve decided that I want all of my journals to have a hard back.  The covers will still be the same whimsical, cute, stylish designs, but the backs will be white chipboard to give some extra support.  That being said, all “old” laminate cover journals are marked down as they will be the last of their kind to be created by me.  So if you’ve had your eye on one, get it now.  😀  Although the newer styles will be crazy cute, too.

5.  Enjoying time with my family.  I feel like that should be first, but these are written in no particular order, so I guess it’s ok.  We’ve been having fun together doing all sorts of new things.  Like going to the zoo to trick or treat, for instance.  Nadia seemed to enjoy it- particularly the candy part.  😉  You can always follow our adventures on my photography blog, ok?

That’s all for now- Hope you’re all great!!



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