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Why I Need to “Vlog”

You know, a few months ago I looked on an old external hard drive and found a gem of a video… It was one of Nadia when she was just a few months old.  You can find it on my Facebook page here if you’d like to see it.

Totally made me cry.  One reason was that she was so stinking cute and little, & I nearly forgot we even had that moment to begin with because I hadn’t seen that footage in half a decade.  Another reason is because at some point I stopped taking videos of her and instead worked on capturing her in my photography.

The latter isn’t such a bad thing.   I have LOADS of incredible portraits of her that I cherish with all of my heart.  But the thing that’s missing is her sweet voice.  Her mannerisms- like the way her toes flex when she gets really excited about something or is laughing hysterically.  How she reads a book to herself using about 50% of the right words and then makes up the rest.  Those things can be descriptively written in a journal for sure, but something tells me that I’ll want to SEE it with my eyes when she’s grown and I’m left with an empty nest and only the memories of her childhood.

So reasons I’m going to start video-blogging (or vlogging):

1.  I want recorded footage of our messy, beautiful, every day lives together.  I document rather thoroughly in books, photos, journals, ANYTHING…. but there are in-between moments that can’t be reenacted or even truly shared with anything other than raw video.  Heck, I’ve done this for a couple days now and have already caught some great stuff.

2.  I think it would be fun to have a whole USB drive or DVD of videos at the end of the year to archive and be able to look back on!  I might even do like I did for my December Daily album and make a short DVD of video clips that I can also put in each of my monthly Project Life albums…. we’ll see.  🙂

3.  Perhaps if I know I’ll be shooting video of my house for the general public to see, I’ll be inclined to clean it more often than I do now.  😉  Seriously, though.  I’m living in a pigsty as I type.

4.  I saw a quick video I took a year ago on my phone of Nadia saying hello to family…. and it blew my mind because in a year’s time, her speech has developed SO much.  And I feel like I need to keep track of her progress.  Mostly for the sake of me needing a little “win” every now and then.  Some days it feels like she’s stuck in a state that she’ll never get out of.  But it’s mostly because I see her day in and day out all day long, and I don’t notice the HUGE changes unless I look back a year… or even 6 months.  Video recordings definitely help me see that we’re all not doing so bad after all.  😉

5.  I stink at actually writing on this blog, so maybe I’ll do better if I let a video recording tell our story rather than spending time staring blankly at a computer screen for weeks on end until I get the right words out.  😉  Never fear- I’ll still use this blog for sure, but I’m just going to add some more videos into the mix.

Whatcha think?  Is this something you’d care to see on my YouTube channel, or should I keep the videos to myself?  I suppose anyone that would rather just see my crafting videos can just skip over the monthly vlogs …. I’m certainly not twisting anyone’s arm to watch the behind the scenes footage of my life.  😉  But I thought I’d continue going with the whole authenticity theme I’ve got going on and let you jump right into my every day mess.



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