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Hello!  I’m Marybeth, and welcome to my blog!  I am just a simple, not-too-fancy, always-laughing-at-something wife and mother that is passionate about documenting our everyday lives and sharing my creative gifts with others.

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We all have a story.  I have one.  You have one.  Mine is not better than yours, and yours is not better than mine.  How wonderful is that?  I love when people share those parts of life with me that rarely get spoken of, and I always encourage them to get it out on paper -or in photos- to share with others as well.  You never know who is out there that will hear your story, understand your struggles, and be given the precious gift of having a person that they can truly relate to.  I know I’ve been blessed with quite a few people that make me feel understood and not so alone.

On this blog, I hope you’ll get to know me through my photos, my writing, and my creative documenting.  There will be stories of motherhood & raising a remarkably sweet and beautiful child who just so happened to redefine for me what it means to have autism.  There may be stories of how I turned from a dental hygienist to a photographer to the owner of a journal shop and on to pursuing my dreams in the papercrafting industry as well.

But above all my creative gifts, I am a Christian who proudly and joyfully serves and follows our loving God in all the little ways He has called me to serve those around me. I’m called “Sweetness” by the man I will love for eternity.  I’m “mama” to a darling little lady named Nadia, and I’m called “Meooooooowwwwwwww!” by four five excited kitties that give me sneezing fits & a warm heart.

It’s such a joy to meet you!

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