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Hey there!  I’m Marybeth- just a simple, not-too-fancy, always-laughing-at-something wife and mother that is passionate about documenting our everyday lives in photos + video and sharing my creative gifts with others.


(Note to self:  Take a new family photo because we’re missing a daughter in this one.)  😉

Fun facts about me:
– I’m an INFJ and a Type 4 on the Enneagram.  Feel free to draw whatever conclusion you’d like about me using that information.
– I’ve watched The Office like 52,000 times and it has never gotten old.  Ever.
– My favorite music artist is John Mayer, and his song “Gravity” can bring me to tears at any given moment….. but I also have an enormous place in my heart for Progressive Metal.  Seriously, the band TesseracT is so stinking good that I’ve been known to cry just because!
– Also, I use the phrase “so stinking” in front of everything I want to emphasize.
– My Starbucks drink of choice is a French Vanilla Frap with whipped cream.  Cause if I’m paying for coffee outside of the usual black cup I drink at home, I’m hitting the sugar hard.
– My girls have the exact same initials so monograms totally won’t work in our family.

I hope I get to know you better, too!

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