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Natasha’s Nursery + 3 Month Update

Whew!  These past two+ (almost 3) months have FLOWN by!  Despite the mild sleep deprivation (which isn’t nearly as bad as it was with Nadia- thank you, Natasha for respecting my need for a good nights rest!), and the 5 o’clock madness that hits on the dot every single night, things have been pretty stinking good around here!

While the newborn stage is far from easy, I will say that we’re enjoying ourselves immensely.  I’ve gotten into a great routine in the mornings.  I’m able to get Nadia ready for school while also making sure ‘tash is fed before strapping her into the car seat that she acts like she hates until the car starts… and then she’s out like a light for her morning nap.

I’m back to exercising regularly, which makes me a happy mama.  And as for Dana & Nadia?  Oh, they’re both equally as glad as I am that #4 is with us.  She really squares up our family perfectly!  😉

That being said, my good baby hasn’t driven me as mentally loopy as I anticipated (seriously, Nadia is an angel of a child but maaaaannnn she was a rough baby!!!) so I’ve been able to focus a bit more on things I love to do so I don’t lose “me” in the midst of this season of new motherhood for the second time.  I’m currently trying to get my photo skillz (yes, with a z) back, so I did a little nursery shoot at home and thought I’d share it with you.

Before sister was born, Nadia helped me make this mobile.  Cute, right?

Precious girl.  🙂

You know, years back, I would have approached these photos so differently.  Comparing Nadia’s baby photos to these makes me realize how far I’ve grown creatively.  Of course I cherish sweet Nadi’s pictures equally as much because, well, they’re of my FIRST precious girl!  But I’m glad I took the time to learn and grow over the years so I was able to try new perspectives and not do the thing I used to do (or what most new photographers do) which is over-edit.  You know what I mean- the cradle cap would be all smoothed out, her eyes would be like waaaaay too sharp.  😉  Oh I’ve done it all, friends.

Hope you liked looking through these.  For those that still read this blog despite my really long absences, could you give me some input- would you enjoy seeing more photography-related stuff on here?  I’d be happy to show before & afters or things like that.  You tell me.  🙂


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