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Obsessed. I know, I know. I say it all the time. But really- I’m OBSESSED with these girls. And lately, I’ve been seeing this adorable sister-bond forming between them.

As Tashie gets bigger & bigger, I see so much of her hilarious personality shining through. Over the course of the past 8 months, I’ve said multiple times that I sometimes feel like I’m reliving my life in 2011 with baby Nadia. They’re similar in so many ways!! But Natasha is definitely her own person- quite a different personality than my big girl. It all works, though- They just click.

When I took these, grass was still new to Natasha… and big sister was showing her how to pick the flowers. 😉

I have two older sisters of my own, and I gotta say- there’s nothing in the world like that bond. I’m so grateful we got to give Nadia a little sis to love and that our sweet Natasha has a forever BFF and someone to show her the ropes… you know, like picking all the flowers. 😉

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