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Unexpected Rainbows

Daily Ramblings No. 1
April 20, 2017

It rained this afternoon. In fact, it poured. Hard. I was inside blowing bubbles with Nadia while we watched what looked like buckets of water pouring from the sky through all the glass in our Great Room. I thought about all the times it felt like the stresses of life were drowning me.  Like I couldn’t make it stop.  Doesn’t that happen sometimes?  Hardships and stress can pour on us relentlessly, and even though we know there has to be an end, in the moment its feels suffocating.  Hmm… that was a strange thought considering the day has been wonderful to me.  My mind sure does wander a lot.

Minutes later, the water thinned out.  The quick storm appeared to be coming to an end. I opened the screen door, stood under the small overhang at the pointiest tip of our triangular A-Frame roof, and I said under my breath, “God, can you give me another rainbow? I’d really love to see one today.” This might seem like a funny request- one might even say that God doesn’t just give us things like that on our command. You’re right- He doesn’t always… but the last time it rained, I asked the same thing and seconds later, right in the spot I was staring into, a big, bold, bright rainbow appeared. I did my own version of the rain dance and took it all in- The beauty of the bow and also the fact that we have a God who hears my voice and shares His love with me on such a personal level. I needed a rainbow that day, and although I’ve been having quite a great day, I still longed to see that beautiful, promise-filled symbol at the end of the storm.

I waited. And I waited. I blew some more bubbles for Nadia, and I looked outside. I felt that rainbow coming the way you can tangibly feel in the air when a storm is about to hit.  It’s coming.  I know it’s about to appear… But it never came.

Huh.  Oh well.  I guess that’s ok.  Not that I should be disappointed, right?  As I thought this, I heard once again the gentle Voice of God in my heart.  “Come outside. I have something to show you.”“Look around. Do you see it?” I looked up at the sky. By that time, the dark rain clouds were replaced by white clouds- some wispy and others like giant cotton balls.  And the sun was streaming in from behind them. The sky was bluer than blue, and no matter which direction I looked, I didn’t see the rainbow.

“Look all around. Describe to me what you see.”“Well, ok. I see a blue sky.  And emerald green grass.  There are purple trees, and dandylions popping up all over the place. Oh look, the cherry blossoms are in bloom, too!”

Nadia yelled out the door to see what I was doing- her crazy mama walking barefoot in the wet grass.  Maybe I should put some shoes on.I walked back to my sweet girl who was looking so beautiful in an orange shirt.  Never noticed how nice that color looks on her.  As I walked onto the porch, jumping out from under the chaise lounge was my beloved Hawkeye- our kitty who sometimes chooses to camp out under a chair on our front porch while it’s raining. Silly boy.  I never knew a cat that doesn’t mind getting a little wet.  Although I do wish he’d come in or at least go in the garage. His fur can get so dirty. Our sweet black and white ball of fluff…. Oh.  I understand now.“See? There’s been a rainbow right in front of you this entire time. You just weren’t looking.”

Red and pink cherry blossoms. Nadia’s beautiful orange shirt. The yellow dandylions. Bright green grass. Blue sky. Purple trees. And even a touch of black and white.I think there are times that we face storms in life and we desperately look for big answers. When it feels like it’s finally clearing, we reach and grasp and ask for great signs. Reassurance that everything is going to be ok.  And many times, God’s just wanting to tell us that He’s been there the whole time. Sometimes He does go big and gives us very bold answers to courageous prayers. But other times, He’s all, “Sweetheart, I never left. If you look around, you’ll see that I’ve been with you the whole time. I’ve answered your prayers in many ways- But the answers aren’t always going to be one giant display at the end of a trial. Sometimes they come in separate pieces right in the middle of it.”

Look around. Reach out, and reach up. There could be something beautiful right in front of you- and He doesn’t want you to miss it.


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    Such a wonderful reminder of how He us always with us and ever faithful! Hugs to you and yours sweet sister in Christ!!

    April 21, 2017 at 11:03 am
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