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Blueberry Picking Pseudo-Fun | Johnston’s Fruit Farm

I posted this on IG the other day, and I just had to share it on my blog as well….

“When you look through these photos, can you see how much fun we had blueberry picking together? So. Much. Fun. 😋

In my very best Dwight Schrute voice, lemme just say: FALSE. We did not have fun. Like at all. 🤣🤦 We got to the farm and within 3 minutes there was just one complaint after the next after the next. Then Natasha started crying. Then more complaining. Then more crying. God help us. The whole blueberry picking experience was just totally ridiculous and dumb. I hated it. 🤣 But do you see how easy it could’ve been for me to be all, “So much fun picking berries with the fam! #familyfun #blessed” or some crap? I wanted to toss my camera to the side but I decided to keep snapping just to prove the point that not everything you see is real. So if you, like me, look at people’s pics and think, “Why can’t we have family trips that go so well?”- rest assured. It might not be as sweet as it looks online. 😉 So this is just a friendly reminder that the internet can be trickery, folks. And because I have a personal rule to never post photos without telling the REAL story, you can know for sure that when I say the day was great, it really was… And like yesterday, if it sucked, I’m flat out telling you it sucked. 🤣 (But making muffins with the blueberries this morning? Perfect. ❤️)”

Honestly, if I didn’t tell you we had a crummy time, would you have assumed we were having some good old fashioned family fun? So often I see peoples vacation photos that look SO perfect… but then if you get them to tell the whole story of their trip, you’ll discover that it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows and happy cooperative kids. I’m not saying we should be airing our dirty laundry out on social media and telling the world about our family arguments or what not, but I think it would be healthier for all of us if every so often we shared the real stories. I know I always will, and I’m grateful for those people I follow that keep me laughing with theirs. Life ain’t always a highlight reel… and sometimes it feels good for another person to say, “Yep, same girl. Same.”

Who’s with me?

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    Yeah, life sucks right now but I figure it can’t last forever and I’m always looking for the rainbows that get me/our family through till the next day. Keeping it real Xxx

    August 16, 2019 at 3:20 am
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